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Toad Hall

Locked somewhere between fantasy and reality lies the magical residue of lostToad Hall possibilities. Toad Hall has returned to remind us of the natural world and the charecters that inhabit it.

Toad (Theatre Of Ambient Dynamics) Hall is a multi dimensional art space celebrating all that is natural wonderful and fun, The Energy is natural Solar, The Food is Organic, the Entertainment is Inspirational and the Message is obvious.

To tell the story we are enlisting some to quality performers who will will provide five days of uninterupted delight in this prestige venue . look out for updates and shedules

Formerly known as the Tadpole


Top Ghanaian Hip Hop Stars FOKN Bois and Sister Deborah Set for Green Fields Exclusive.

One of the most provocative hip hop outfits on the planet right now is Ghana's FOKN Bois

The New Solar Powered Green Fields Venue TOAD HALL welcomes this sensational act that is rocking Africa and Europe with a fantastic blend of Hip Hop and High Life.

FOKN BOISCentral to the Band Wanlov The Kubolor and M3NSA are part of Ghana’s contemporary musical renaissance, and are widely regarded as Ghana’s most prolific conscious rap artists. They were keenly interested in Ghanaian traditional and popular music styles. Wanlov’s most recent solo album was 2011’s Brown Card African Gypsy an exploration of his half-Romanian roots with a part-Gypsy, part-Ghanaian band of traditional musicians. M3NSA, first and foremost a producer, dropped his solo debut in 2010, the warm fusion of soul, hip hop and Fante folk music that is No 1 Mango Street. Their 2010 debut as FOKN Bois was likewise a serious, ambitious effort: West Africa’s first full-length Pidgin language musical based entirely around samples of classic African highlife records, Coz of Moni.

Playing with the band on this occasion is the sassy Sister Deborah Who's You Tube Video The provocative and very sexy 'Uncle Obama' Has gone World Wide Viral with a massive 984,000 views.